About Us

About Us

The very first time we offered our service to the general public was in July the sixth, 2018, with only one respondent to our call. The trial went swimmingly, and as result we were generously awarded a contract by our first (and at the time only) official client.

With the partnership realized, and our status as a competent customs brokerage legitimized, we endured against the waves of time. Bridges were built from Manila clients to Batangas during the repeat of Congestion, and unfortunately due to the circumstances at the time, a few were burnt down. But we stood our ground, and became what we are today. With more than ten clients to our name, we grow more and more each day, always improving upon ourselves, and adapting to the turbulent changes of our modern society.​

As any other business, we aspire to be better than anyone else. We value punctuality and cost efficiency, and we strive to always show our clients (or any potential clientele, for that matter) the very best that we can give. We will go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. And furthermore, we would even go where no one else is willing. To us, the impossible is only an eventuality.​

Why Choose Us?

JMSJ takes pride in giving the best services at Batangas Port. Its proximity to the port area and good relation with the terminal operators, shipping lines, Philippine Ports Authority, and Bureau of Customs are just some of its advantages in delivering the goods in the safest and fastest time possible.

Our Team is composed of Adamsonian Licensed Customs Brokers and well experienced team members from the Port Industry, Shipping line, and Fowarding and Logistics industries.​

With the collective skills, knowledge, experiences and ideas that we have, we believe that we can work hand in hand to achieve our targets and serve our clients according to their needs and requirements.​

  • Offers competitive service rates.
  • Offers faster releasing.
  • KPI focused​.
  • Monitors your cargo, as it happens​​.
  • Keeps you abreast of the updates from Batangas Port​​.
  • Provides logistics support services.

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“Delivering excellence in Batangas International Port”


JMSJ Customs Brokerage and Logistics 2F L.S. Bldg. Rizal Ave Extension – Port Area, Brgy. Sta. Clara, Batangas City




(043)-274-3963 | 09171503390

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